Soil Bioremediation

In a time when it has become economically viable to be environmentally conscious, Vestige is committed to the management of your soil remediation needs in a way that is beneficial to you and generations to come. It is our priority to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are a small company with large capabilities, dedicated to providing personal service in a timely manner.

Vestige is a reliable, effective way to manage contaminated soil.

Unlike other firms, Vestige offers an environmentally friendly solution for property owners of contaminated sites. Rather than disposing of contaminated soil, Vestige treats the soil on our site through Bioremediation

Historically, contaminated soil was simply excavated then taken to a landfill. And still now, that process is being utilized. However, at Vestige we realize the importance of a Cleaner, Greener & Smarter way of managing contaminated waste, and still be environmentally conscience.

25 years in the soil industry
Safety minded
Utilize our own equipment

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