About Vestige Environmental

Over 15 years ago the owner of Vestige created our nutrients for soil remediation with an ecologically-friendly approach to treating contaminated soil. Vestige's founder holds a degree in Biochemistry Sciences from the University of Washington, Seattle, and has over 25 years of experience in the soil industry.

To simplify in words how the process of bioremediation works, the microbes that consume hydrocarbons in the soil require two vital things - an energy source, and nutrients that promote cell growth and restoration. In our products, we have combined active ingredients that act both as an energy source and give the microbes nutrients, creating a controlled, continuous environment that feeds the microbes that treat the soil. This approach results in a better final outcome than other soil remediation methods.

Why Vestige Bioremediation Products and Applications?

  • •Interference in site operations is minimal
  • •Property redevelopment is faster because of accelerated remediation
  • •Remediation systems are flexible and able to be applied to many different contamination issues
  • •An environmentally friendly remediation technology
  • •Truck turn around time at our site is under 15 minutes
  • •Vestige carries $2 Million in insurance, including pollution liability


Environmental Protection Act

Department of Ecology

King Co. Department of Health and Safety

Puget Sound Clean Air